Fish tourism

By arrangement, lovers of the sea and fishing can spend some truly special time on board our fishing boat San Gregorio. Weather permitting, and calling + 39 339 8488632 a few days ahead, you can see one of our typical fishing trips some miles off the coast, commanded by Roberto Miserini and his crew. The appointment is before dawn at the Marina di Cecina harbor in order to set out for the  fishing grounds which vary, being fished by "trawling" with such catches as hake, striped red mullet, musky octopus, mantis shrimp, but maybe also check the drift nets let down the previous day to catch scorpion fish or amberjacks (rarer and rarer), rays and soles, turbot and Atlantic stargazer.............. .or pull up the bottom nets left in the open sea for up to a week, where the spectacle upon lifting the nets from the depths of the sea is tops for the catch: spiny lobsters, common lobsters, crabs and a few dentex. The return before lunch includes mooring, unloading, weighing the fish at Mery’s Ristopescheria and, we would warmly suggest, lunching on the fish caught just a few hours before and cooked in our kitchen. CAUGHT, COOKED, EATEN.

A sea-fishing trip on the fishing boat San Gregorio ( 16-mt wooden galleon hull, equipped for all types of fishing ), lunch at the Ristopescheria according to the catch, with raw and cooked starters, a first course, a main dish, .....water, good local wine, coffee - please contact us for a custom quote with special features for children.

Ristopescheria da Mery Viale Galliano 5 - 57023 CECINA MARE (LI)
Tel. 0586.620519 - 339.8488632 - 349.3111365