Without doubt, the protagonist of our story - tied to the seasons, the weather, but above all the daily offering from the sea ! When fishing, anything can happen, normal on the sea and in its world ! So who better than our family that has lived the sea for more than fifty years to try to forecast, area by area, month by month, what can be expected to be harvested from the sea..........for example :

JANUARY : bream, sole, large tub gurnard

FEBRUARY : cuttlefish, sole, large tub gurnard

MARCH : cuttlefish and bonito

APRIL : cuttlefish, bonito, dentex

MAY : spiny lobster, common lobster, crab, dentex

JUNE : scorpion fish, spiny lobster, brown meagre

JULY : lupo, spiny lobster, scorpion fish, brown meagre
AUGUST : red porgy

SEPTEMBER : squid, greater amberjack, common pandora, red porgy

OCTOBER : flathead mullet for eggs, small Atlantic bonito, common pandora and striped sea bream, squid

NOVEMBER : bream and squid

DECEMBER : cuttlefish, bream, soles, turbot

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